DOZ Receives Dove Peace Prize Netherlands 2017

We are very proud at DOZ to receive Dove Peace Prize for our work for peacebuilidng, social cohesion, and inclusion in Syria.

Why DOZ?

DOZ are builders: they build places where young people can meet and actually work and build on trust between people and communities. They work for peace, by actually practicing it. We know them since long, and we highly appreciate that DOZ is yearly organizing peace activities for the International Day of Peace in Syria.

We know DOZ as an organization not only of builders, but even as much as on organization that continues. No matter the setbacks, DOZ continues. About the Dove of Peace:In the Dutch Peace Week (16-24 September) PAX went on tour to hand out several Doves of Peace. This way, PAX puts special peace initiatives in the spotlight. Because these peace initiatives remain largely unnoticed, in a time where we see more and more violence, fear and polarization.

PAX for Peace wants to bring Dutch and international peace initiatives to the attention and give them the appreciation they deserve. Whether you are coordinating a local peace group in the Netherlands, you are a famous artist or you are promoting dialogue in South Sudan, Ukraine or Syria: all these steps, whether small or large, inevitably lead to the greater sum of peace.The Dove of Peace is made of olive wood that is associated with strength and peace and stands for a positive future. In ancient times wreaths of olive branches were made as the highest token of appreciation. With the Dove of Peace, PAX wants to express her appreciation for special, influential initiatives that contribute to peace- on a rather large or very small scale.

We, at Doz e. V. express our gratitude and appreciation that our work for peace, stability, and creating safe spaces for civil society activists and groups in local communities have been noticed by international peace builders either individuals or organizations such as PAX for Peace – Netherlands.

Founder and CEO at DOZ International

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