I am a Religious Preacher Still TFSA Looted My House, But I Got My Spirit And Some Bread To Go On

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DOZ InternationlAhmed Shekho


Rural Kobani, Rojava, Syria

Date of Photo

Octoer 22nd, 2019

Camera Used

Mobile Phone.


I am a Sheikh (religious preacher) in a mosque in Girê Spî– Tal Abyad guiding and advising people to do good and avoid doing harm to others. We were told that Turkey and Turkish-backed FSA (TFSA) will attack Rojava but we didn’t believe that. I was on my way going to the mosque and I saw people taking their families, their belongings, and fleeing in haste. As I arrived at the mosque, but it was empty and nobody there for the noontime’s prayer.

I went back home. We had neither a car nor vehicle that could take us away and my children were outside the village. I just took what I could carry from belongings and we run away under hard sudden airstrike and artillery bombardment from Turkey side. We arrived at another village, but people were afraid, and nobody hosted us. We slept between trees in the open air and it was very cold.

I decided to return to my village in Girê Spî – Tal Abyad and stay in my home no matter what happens. As I returned the city and villages were under TFSA control. My home was already looted by TFSA and I found nothing in it. They even stole a big water tank that was in front of my house. I have been a preacher all my life serving God and guiding people to do good. What Turkey and TFSA do has nothing to do with Islam or morals. They are barbaric killers abusing the name of Islam, bombarding us from the sky, and slaughtering our children and people on the ground.

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