Give Me Back My Stolen Home Or Let Me Cry in Peace – Kobani, Northeast Syria

Photo Credit

DOZ InternationlAhmed Shekho


Rural Kobani, Rojava, Syria

Date of Photo

Octoer 22nd, 2019

Camera Used

Mobile Phone.


I didn’t know about anything. I didn’t know that we are under invasion. They just told me suddenly: get ready! They are about to attack us. I saw people running away before there was any bombardment or shelling, they were afraid. We stayed and didn’t move. Suddenly, I heard the sound of thunder, but it was not raining. I realized in seconds that its bombardment. We took nothing with us. We left everything behind us our house, our property, and our clothes. I just have these clothes I am wearing them right now. As we fled from Girê Spî (Tal Abyad) it was airstrikes from one side and bullets like raining on the other side. It was like running among fires. We came here to Tal Hajibb village in Kobani and some good people here gave us a room and I am sleeping in it with my wife and my son. I don’t want anything from you. I just want you to help me get my stolen house back, he cried.

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